Terms & Conditions

Reservations: Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have particular dates in mind, please call as far in advance as possible to reserve your dates. If you will be traveling during a major holiday, booking at least 2 months in advance is a smart move.

Emergencies/Last Minute Scheduling: While we will make every attempt to accommodate your needs, availability on short notice is dependent on our current schedule.
Cancellation policy: After you have committed to dates of travel, should you cancel fewer than 5 days (for any reason) prior to the start of the reservation, a 50% cancellation fee, based on the total value of the reservation, will be charged.
Please note: If we are able to rebook your cancelled dates with another client, no cancellation fee will be charged!

Access policy. No one may enter your home while we are charged with the care of your pets. No relatives, friends, co-workers, contractors, etc. This is primarily related to our liability insurance, and ensures the safety of you and your pet(s), as well as us! For further clarification, please contact us directly.

Food, litter, medication, and other supplies.

If In YOUR Home – Please be sure to have plenty of supplies on hand necessary for the care of your pet. A service fee, starting at $25, will be charged for any trips to the store/vet/other, should supplies run short, in addition to the cost of said necessary supplies.

If In OUR Home – Please be sure to bring your pets food, crate/kennel, bedding, medication (if applicable) and favorite toy(s). Also your pet must have a collar and tags with clear contact information and a record of their vaccinations.

Medical Or Home Emergency. If the pet(s) becomes ill while under the care of SANTA CLARITA PET SITTERS, Client authorizes us to transport pet(s) to specified veterinarian (or one who is available) if we deem this necessary. We will, at our discretion, make a reasonable attempt to contact you first. However, Client authorizes us to approve any emergency treatment recommended by the veterinarian and agrees to reimburse SANTA CLARITA PET SITTERS or be billed directly by the veterinarian for expenses incurred. Client releases SANTA CLARITA PET SITTERS from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment, and expense. In the event of a home emergency (fire, broken water pipes, earthquake, vandalism, etc), Client authorizes us to call the appropriate authorities or contractors.

Personal Emergency. In the event of personal emergency or illness of our pet care service provider, Client authorizes SANTA CLARITA PET SITTERS to arrange for another qualified pet care service provider to fulfill the responsibilities as set forth in this agreement. Client will be notified in such a case.

Cleaning supplies. Please have cleaning supplies on hand (and in plain sight!), such as dustpan/broom, paper towels, and whatever product(s) you use for cleaning elimination or regurgitation accidents from your floors/carpets.

Holiday surcharge. On an actual holiday (including: Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July,
Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years
Day), there is a holiday service surcharge of an additional $10 to any service . Note: Availability for
holidays is not guaranteed unless arrangement and payment is made in advance.

Heating. Please leave your thermostat set at a minimum of 60 degrees or higher. This is for the
comfort and safety of your pet, and your pet sitter!
Newspaper and mail. While we are happy to bring in the newspaper and mail while you are away,
please consider suspending delivery during your absence – especially if your travel is of an
extended length.

Unruly Or Aggressive Animals. We will not walk unruly/untrained dogs. This is left up to our discretion. We reserve the right to cancel our service to any pet that becomes unruly or aggressive, or that we determine might be a danger to us or others during our term of service.

Payments. A 50% deposit or full payment (for less than 3 days service) is expected at your “Get
Acquainted” meeting or on your reservation request to hold your requested dates. Any remaining
balance is due on the first day of service. We accept cash, credit cards and Paypal.

“Keep-A-Key” Service: Should you choose, free of charge, Santa Clarita Pet Sitters will keep a copyof your key(s ) in a secure location so we can more easily serve you and your pets for future visits. Most of our clients chose this convenient program due to things like working late, short notice trips or in an emergency.

Text Message Updates: If requested, we will periodically send you text message updates of your
pets’ activities. We highly recommend that you use this free service. It’s very good for your piece of
mind while you’re gone! If at any time you would like to check on your pets, you may call or text SantaClarita Pet Sitters. We will not call you unless we have a question about your pet’s care or there is an emergency.

Contact Hours Policy. Please keep these contact hours in mind, especially when returning from a
trip and you need to let us know you are home. With cell/smart phones, it is now easier than ever to
keep in touch 24/7 – however, it is not always appropriate to do so. IF you have a true emergency and need to reach us, by all means, call or text – no matter the hour. However, for non-emergency issues PLEASE limit calls and texts to between the hours of 6am and 8pm. An email, after hours, will suffice to let us know you are home.

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